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Slap slap kiss

Ellen from Slings and Arrows does this twice within three episodes of each other: Father Goose does this. Mort and Ysobel. A rather extreme example is used very briefly early in the film Ratatouille. She instantly falls in love with him. She obliged him. Giselle is first turned on by Robert when he makes her feel angry for the first time in her life. Jordan and Dr. Outlander has a rather non-standard use of this. She instantly falls in love with him. Carlton had better luck, however, and after the "kiss" part of the trope kicked in, he was able to get her to treat people in a civil manner. Alluded to in the prequels to Eddings' The Belgariad. In Pyramids this is mostly the case for Pteppic and Ptracy until it is revealed they're half-siblings. Played straight in Lethal Weapon 3 , where Riggs and Lorna end up kissing after the infamous "my scar is bigger" contest. Slap slap kiss

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Slap slap kiss

Slap slap kiss

Slap slap kiss

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  1. It's not like they actually weren't in love: When he kisses her again later, in the next scene they're in a car with a "Just Married" sign on it. Further, a line of dialogue indicates that this is not only "normal" behavior for the both of them, but it's also considered foreplay.

  2. Well, I'm just glad we're broken up! Indy goes on about how "Since I met you, I've nearly been incinerated, drowned, shot at, and chopped into fish bait" blah blah, then kisses her.

  3. In Wild Rose , Kiri is angry about being forced to become a servant and purposefully riles up Mikhail. However, she breaks the kiss in pure shock and they both fall into the fountain as they continue bickering.

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