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Rot rally adult pictures

I served in the Army 20 years, and it upsets me they would come in and do this right before Memorial Day. I realize I've got to get out of here. A note to readers: Texas's biggest motorcycle gang—and the second largest in the world —the Bandidos hover over this year's ROT Rally like a dark cloud, after the group's horrific shootout against rival clubs in Waco last month. Meanwhile, riders around Texas have been holding protests around the state, arguing that most of those swept up in the mass arrests were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. I scream at what I think is the sound of a gunshot, but it's actually a firecracker by my sandals. I ask if they have any thoughts about what happened in Waco. We pass a huddle of topless chicks with airbrush-painted chests, a line of men gyrating in thongs and Mardi Gras beads, a naked balloon lady sucking a giant rubber penis, and a pound Marilyn Monroe impersonator draping her bare boobs on an ice sculpture, all within about two minutes. Check out his website here. I return to the lawn, now maniacal with Lynyrd Skynyrd onstage and crimson light beaming over crowd. It's akin to being alarmed by a certain dense odor at Eeyore's Birthday Party, or intoxication at a Sixth Street shot bar. Also, given the beads and cameras they're clutching, neither looks too alarmed by the adult delinquency proceeding on somewhere in the neighborhood. There is also an anatomically correct, blow-up-doll-adorned golf cart, couples posing provocatively, partiers utilizing a "Hooter Meter" — a board with holes of varying sizes to gauge female participants' breast size — and a few smirking dudes in thongs. A man I met at the Confederation of Clubs and Independents booth is in the pack. Otis Ike, is a photographer, installation artist, and filmmaker based in Austin. On the helpless innocent detail, two perhaps teenage boys are photographed, but not alongside any raunchy acts. Nearby, veiny legs braid a cold metal strip pole, fleshy breasts smashing against the silver. Rot rally adult pictures

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Rot rally adult pictures

Rot rally adult pictures

Rot rally adult pictures

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  1. I cringe and Greg speeds on. When I get there, I ask if they had a photographer kicked out. He won't tell me who made the complaints.

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