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Anal Sex Talk With My Mom

Mum having anal sex

I looked down at her ass and a small ring around her ass protruded outward contracting in rhythm with each breath my mom took. My finger found her baby smooth pussy lips and slipped in to the second knuckle. Mom laid still while I caught my breath. I can tell you all the details. I push my cock up as far as I could get it and she exploded into another orgasm. She took her fingers and placed some cum into her mouth. My cock is now hard as steel and pointing straight out. I came out of the bathroom from my shower and walked down the hall towards my room. From 10 votes. She is pointing out the spots near the edge and dips down into the water up to her neck. So far so good since she did not say or do anything to stop the advance of my finger. She moves them slowly towards the tip of my cock. She reached back to guide my dick to the entrance of her pussy lips. Mom drifted off to sleep and her hand let go of my cock. Mum having anal sex

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Mum having anal sex

Mum having anal sex

Mum having anal sex

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  1. She is pointing out the spots near the edge and dips down into the water up to her neck. Do you see all the black spots on the bottom of the pool?

  2. I stroked five good long strokes and Mom started to cum once again. Her Ex was in sales and from the looks of this place he could sell ice to Eskimos. We lay there catching our breath as my cock slipped out of her cunt making a wet popping noise.

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