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Ask A Porn Star: Anal Sex Poop Stories?

Anal sex hair

Can I have an orgasm from anal sex? Don't have anal sex just because your partner wants you to. If it does, slow down. Do not use anal toys that don't come with an easy way to get them out. Do I need to buy anything special? Don't have anal sex if you have hemorrhoids or if you're going to, be extremely careful. If I do it a lot, is it going to make me incontinent? Life goes on. Do not take muscle relaxant drugs to help you loosen up. Because there's less lubrication and the hole is less elastic, you're more likely to get tiny tears in your skin during anal sex, so keeping the area as clean as possible is best for preventing infections. Anal sex hair

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Anal sex hair

Anal sex hair

Anal sex hair

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  1. Take it from Hutcherson. Not only was it taboo, it was also considered kind of — well, kind of gross. If I do it a lot, is it going to make me incontinent?

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