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Anal sex at office

I'm cumming! After work that day, I went home and got ready to take Joy out. Black with one sugar if you don't mind," I said. Fuck, she tasted so wonderful. After I had paid the check, we went to the car. I grabbed a tube of anal lubricant on the nightstand next to the bed, and generously applied it on my hand. This new position was going to work out just fine! She then moved down and sucked each one of my nuts into her mouth and paid homage to the source of my cum. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail held in place with a rhinestone-jeweled clamp, with a couple wisps framing her perfect face. We arrived at her apartment just as she was getting perilously close to cumming - the timing couldn't have been more right! A collective sigh of relief swept through the room. Anal sex at office

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Anal sex at office

Anal sex at office

Anal sex at office

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  1. Without thinking, I grabbed Joy and pulled her down on top of me. When I probed her asshole with my tongue, Joy started to moan, and as I went deeper, I noticed her spreading her cheeks even more, giving me more access. Suddenly Joy reached between her legs and grabbed the dildo from me shoving it inside her pussy hard, fucking herself with it violently.

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